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Business Development

We provide world class Business Development knowledge and services. We 'connect the dots' by using our network of decision makers around the globe to make meaningful introductions to help acquire new business and customers and forge strategic partnerships.

Commercial Strategy

With decades of experience with commercial strategy and global deal making we help to define and grow your business internationally. We create a clear go-to-market strategy to enter new markets.

Startups & Scaleups

We help promising startups and scaleups growing their business commercially, for instance by getting global brands as customers and partners.

We can also co-found, co-fund help with Funding rounds froms Seed to Series A & B via our network of Angel Investors and Venture Capital / VC's.

Brand & Sustainability

We advise on the positioning of new products, services and brands.

With 6 years of global Sustainability and Climate Impact partnerships experience we can advice on the best approach for your brand or business,

Global BDN

The Global Business Development Network

Join our LinkedIn community with over 35.000 members from over 80 countries

The Global Business Development Network

Global BDN was founded in 2008 by Wessel Koning and has grown into an exclusive network of screened Business Developers, Executives and Business Owners across the globe.


The Global Business Development Network

Today the Global Business Development Network has grown to over 35.000 members offering global network and expertise.

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Global BDN – Events

Global BDN has organized over 30 exclusive inspirational Networking Events in Amsterdam since 2008 . Many accomplished founders and executives have been speakers at GBDN events sharing experiences on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.


Global BDN – Events

Currently our network events are on hold, but could go live again later.

Checkout the 850 members and our Event Page for more info:

> Visit the Global BDN Event page HERE

CLICK HERE to join the Amsterdam Global BDN Meetup Community of Entrepreneurs and Business Developers


Global BDN, "The Global Business Development Network", is not only a global online network of 35.000+ members, but also consists of an international team of experienced executives and entrepreneurs that can help grow businesses and startups by Connecting the dots, Business Development, Go-to-Market and funding, investing and co-founding startups and new business.

The Global BDN brand is part of BDN Ventures and was founded by Wessel Koning in 2008 after a corporate career at Philips Electronics with roles in Marketing, Sales, Partnerships and Global Business Development launching new technologies.

Wessel is an experienced global entrepreneur and business leader with indepth Business Development and Go-to-market skills and co-founded several ventures, for instance in online videogames (clients like Sony) and Entertainment sector with 20 years of Global, Corporate, Sustainability and Entrepreneurial experience.

Wessel is an investor in Real Estate, Startups and other assets and was a Growth Mentor for innovative Startups and Scaleups at Rockstar Group in London to fast track business growth.

From 2016 - 2022 Wessel was also part of the MT / Board as Global Director Business Development & Partnerships of Justdiggit, a Climate Impact (SDG) organisation and Global UN Environment Partner, that implements Nature Based Solutions and Regreens dry lands at Scale. Wessel realised growth and impact via partnerships with Fortune 500 brands such as Timberland, DHL, Amazon, Caterpillar, Bridgestone to name a few.Wessel is still active as Advisory Board Member at Justdiggit.

In 2022 Wessel Co-Founded B2B SaaS platform Brandsolo. Brandsolo monitors brands online to detect fakes, copies and wannabes and removes them on online marketplaces, social media and domains.

The Brandsolo Brandscan AI platform technology protects brands against the fake unsustainable industry with both customers and sustainability in mind while saving time, costs and stopping revenue leaks.





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